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The flying tourbillon

Wilhelm RieberŽs great passion is his fascination with flying tourbillons. Driven by his role models Brequet and Helwig, and obsessed with this brillant invention, he has devoted himself to this extremely complicated type of timepiece. He works according to old traditional methods and crafts his flying tourbillons purely by hand. By the construction time of many months of a handmade Tourbillon WR brings his whole skill, the passion and the will to the perfection in his works. And this in the old tradition of the true art of watchmaking of the big masters of the preindustrial time who thereby have also even today her right to exist.

Maybach Tourbillon

Especially for the brand Maybach developed flying tourbillon in a wristwatch.

Michael Schumacher

In the hand of Wilhelm Rieber the precision instruments become the medium with which the time can be tamed and allows to illustrate in her typical aesthetics. After these principles the Tourbillon was made for Michael Schumacher.

Platinum Tourbillon

For a customer from Singapore a flying tourbillon with a dial, case and bracelet made of platinum was realised.

Skeleton Tourbillons

To give even more transparency for the fascination of the flying Tourbillons and their mysterious expiries to the viewer, the skeleton tourbillon was realised.

Goldstadt Tourbillon

As a homage to the Goldstadt Pforzheim the Goldstadt Tourbillon was developed after special default and produced.

Chronometer Tourbillon

Fascinated and inspired by the chronometer escapement Wilhelm Rieber has presented to the 220 th anniversary of the watch making tradition of the Rieber family a pocket watch with flying tourbillon and spring detent escapement.

Transatlantik Tourbillon

In cooperation with Hapag Lloyd a special watch was constructed and manufactured by hand by Wilhelm Rieber.

Pocket watches

The invention of the Tourbillons of Breguet was developed especially for pocket watches and also shows there his most actual effect. Alfred Helwig developed the flying Tourbillon in 1920. According to these principles Wilhelm Riebers manufactured the first Tourbillon with spring detent escapement and presented this flying Tourbillon in 1988. The watchmaker's family Rieber looks back in 2013 at a 220-year-old tradition for the watchmaker's craft. For this jubilee Wilhelm Rieber has made a very especially skeletteton pocket watch with flying Tourbillon and spring detent escapement.